• The Raymond 8210 electric pallet jack offers smooth, controlled operation and delivers increased strength and efficiency without sacrificing durability. With an intelligent and ergonomic design, the 8210 motorized pallet jack is ideal for retail store, wholesale delivery and food processing applications as well as for navigating in tight, congested areas.

    • Battery: 24 volt
    • Capacity: 4,500 lbs.
    • Frame Width: 28 in. overall width
    • Power System: AC traction control

Superior Features To Get The Job Done

Carolina Handling | Atlanta Forklift Sales

Tight Maneuverability

Our exclusive Click2Creep feature automatically reduces travel speed and allows operation with the tiller tucked tightly to the tractor – providing superior maneuverability with slower, controlled speed.

Pallet Jack with Electric Brake

Electric Brake Release

This feature allows for release of the electric brake during low battery conditions. No time wasted removing any covers. The 8210 still retains braking ability when the handle is in the brake or up position.

Carolina Handling | Atlanta Forklift Service

Prevent Unnecessary Wear

Raymond's unique Lift and Go programmable feature trains operators to travel with forks elevated to prevent contact with the floor and reduce unnecessary wear on both the forks and the pallet truck.

Carolina Handling | Atlanta Forklift Service

Stop Unauthorized Usage

With the optional Electronic Pin Code Pad, you control who operates the 8210. Provide secure access for operation and help to prevent unauthorized usage and theft by requiring a unique code.

With A Free Wet Cell Battery*

Raymond doesn't build their trucks the same way as everyone else. What's the difference? Features designed with both operators and managers in mind. Raymond manufactures pallet trucks with the components you need to Run Better and Manage Smarter. And now, for a limited time, you can get a new 8210 walkie pallet truck with a free 24V wet cell battery pack for $3,299. Looking for a different power solution? We've got you covered. Pick one of the following options and apply up to $1,100 to the manufacturer's suggested retail price.*

  • Raymond's Universal 24V Wet Cell Battery Charger Pack
  • Raymond's Universal 24V Maintenance Free Battery Charger Pack
  • Enersys Nexsys 24V Battery Charger Pack
  • Raymond's 8250 Walkie Pallet Truck Powered by Lithium

Let's Talk About The 8210

Interested in this limited time offer? Contact a Carolina Handling Associate for more information.

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