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    Carolina Handling sells, installs and maintains autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and handling equipment in Georgia and across the Southeast. Our automation specialists can help you find the perfect solution from world class AS/RS manufacturers like Modula.

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Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are a category of technology that is rapidly gaining popularity inside warehouses and distribution centers globally. These types of robots are designed to navigate a warehouse by themselves without the need for employee assistance. They come equipped with software and sensors that let them traverse the premises, track down and grab products and carry them to their destination.

Autonomous Mobile Robot Benefits

A primary advantage of implementing AMRs inside warehouses is the enhanced productivity they can contribute. By automating duties such as material handling and transportation, AMRs will considerably limit the time and effort needed to finish these tasks. This results in better order processing and delivery times in addition to diminished labor prices.

A second benefit of AMRs lies in their ability to run around the clock without the need for breaks or rest. This enables warehouses to elevate their throughput and efficiency due to the fact that the AMRs can work continually without becoming exhausted.

AMRs also can improve safety in warehouses because they come configured with sensors and programming that enable them to avert crashes with items and people. This can limit the risk of accidents and injuries in the facility, which is extremely significant in places that include heavy lifting and other physically demanding tasks.

Types of AMRs

There are several unique styles of AMRs on the market, each designed for distinct workspaces and jobs. A few of the most common applications of AMRs are these:

  • Order Picking AMRs: AMRs are available in a wide array of styles that are intended to cut down on picking-related travel time. Having AMRs take objects to the picker eliminates travel time for hourly workers and can be transformative when it comes to efficiency and cost.
  • Sortation AMRs: Sortation can benefit significantly from the use of autonomous mobile robots. Varying kinds of AMRs have a range of handling technologies. They can be equipped with anything from tilt trays to cross belt systems, and they can be helpful in returns handling, e-com fulfillment, and high-speed parcel sortation.
  • Inventory AMRs: Contemporary order fulfillment is dependent on having precise, transparent inventory visibility—being aware of where the item is inside your warehouse, distribution center and entire supply chain. However, coordinating inventory movement and reconciliation can be challenging and time intensive for very large and complicated operations. AMRs that are directly integrated with an inventory structure can significantly lessen the time and money needed to sustain maximum efficiency and order precision.

AMR Implementation

Implementing AMRs in a material handling facility requires diligent forethought and consideration. It is important to thoroughly evaluate the tasks that will be completed by the AMRs and ensure that they are equipped with the required sensors and software to perform these tasks properly. It is also essential to account for the layout of the material handling facility and the possible impact on different systems and processes, such as the material handling and storage systems.

An obstacle of configuring AMRs is the need to integrate them with present systems and processes. AMRs often must be connected to warehouse management systems (WMS) and other software systems in order to work well. This can take significant effort and materials and could require the implementation of unique software or integration with third-party systems.

One more difficulty is the need for ongoing support and maintenance. AMRs must have regular maintenance and software updates in order to continue operating effectively, and it is important to have a plan figured out to make sure that such duties are completed in a routine and effective manner.

Talk to A Warehouse Automation Expert

In general, autonomous mobile robots can add significant gains to material handling facilities, including enhanced productivity, efficiency and safety. If you’d like to find out more about configuring and implementing an AMR project, talk to a warehouse automation professional at Carolina Handling now.



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