Lift Truck Forks

We offer a wide range of standard forks, together with customized design specifications, stainless steel forks, clad forks, fork extensions, and more—a solution for every application and operation.

  • Standard Forks | ITA Forks | Forklift Attachments

    Standard Forks

    Hook-On ITA/FEM are the most popular type of fork, and are attached to the carriage (fork carrier) with hooks and positioning locks—used in a wide cross section of industrial and commercial applications.

  • Bolt-on Forks | Forklift Attachments | Lift Truck Parts

    Bolt-on Forks

    Bolt-On Forks are attached to the carriage (fork carrier) with bolts instead of hooks or a tube. This design greatly diminishes any movement of the forks when loaded or when the lift truck is in motion.

  • Shaft Forks | Forklift Attachments | Lift Truck Parts

    Shaft Forks

    We carry Shaft Forks to suit all pin-type carriages on nearly all makes and models of lift trucks. These high grade forks are fully heat-treated, quenched, and tempered—also available in stainless steel.

  • Folding Forks | Lift Truck Attachments | Material Handling

    Folding Forks

    Folding Forks are a great benefit when certain space limitations exist. These forks fold up to enable lift trucks to maneuver in areas where movement is restricted, like in elevators, and when stored in tight spaces.

  • Anti-spark Forks | Forklift Attachments | Lift Truck Parts

    Anti-Spark Forks

    Spark Retardant Forks are perfect for hazardous locations and atmospheres. The most popular Spark Retardant Fork is covered in ASTM B36 alloy 6 brass that is 0.125" thick and brazed 100% along all seams.

  • Fork Extensions | Forklift Attachments | Lift Truck Parts

    Fork Extensions

    Fork Extensions are used to extend the length of the fork blade when handling longer loads. Standard extensions are readily available to fit 4 to 7 inch wide forks, and can be acquired up to 96 inches long.

  • Carpet Rams | Lift Truck Forks | Forklift Attachments

    Carpet Rams

    Carpet Rams are long poles design to handle carpet rolls and rugs. These poles have a smooth surface and profiled bar end to prevent damage to the load, and are quick-release for easy attachment.

Specialty Forks

Designed for utility and versatility, Specialty Forks function like standard lift truck forks and offer the benefits of specialized attachments like hydraulic extensions, internal rollers, and Bluetooth weighing technology.

  • Weigh Forks | Forklift Attachments | Lift Truck Parts

    Weigh Forks

    Weigh Forks allow you to view and track the weight of individual or multiple loads using integrated Bluetooth technology. Being wireless, the system can be installed onto any lift truck in a matter of minutes.

  • Telescopic Forks | Forklift Attachments | Lift Trucks Parts

    Telescopic Forks

    With Telescopic Forks, trailers can be loaded and unloaded from one side without moving to and from either side of the vehicle, and warehouses can take advantage of double-deep racking.

  • Roller Platens | Forklift Attachments | Lift Truck Parts

    Roller Platens

    Increase the versatility and efficiency of your lift truck with Roller Platens. These specialty forks use a retractable internal rolling mechanism to quickly load and unload pallets, slipsheets and more.

Forklift Clamps

Whether you're handling cases, drums, baled paper, textile, cotton, tires, or anything in between, we offer a clamp for that specific application. With such a wide variety of options, the result is faster, safer and more efficient handling, leading to improved productivity, and less product damage in your facility.

  • Revolving Fork Clamp | Lift Truck Clamps | Forklift Attachments

    Fork Clamps

    A Fork Clamp can operate both as a clamp and a fork positioner. Awkward loads, such as crates, bales & tires can be clamped between the forks. The ability to position the forks speeds pallet handling and reduces wear and tear on the pallets. Custom fork types and sizes are available.

  • Turnafork Clamp | Fork Clamps | Forklift Attachments

    TURNAFORK™ Clamps

    The Turnafork from Cascade is used in a variety of manufacturing, receiving, warehousing and shipping environments that require both clamp handling and pallet handling. Rotate the arms to the vertical position for clamping, or to the horizontal position to handle most types of pallets.

  • Forklift Clamp | Turnaload | Fork Attachments

    TURNALOAD™ Clamps

    The Turnaload from Cascade is a dual purpose attachment with a heavy duty rotator for both clamp and pallet handling. Useful in shipping, receiving and order picking operations requiring both palletless handling of boxes, crates and cartons, as well as palletized loads and scrap bales.

  • Carton Clamp | Fork Clamps | Forklift Attachments

    Carton Clamps

    Whether you're handling paper products, appliances, consumer electronics, beverages, packaged foods (canned or boxed), chemicals or plastics, we offer a Carton Clamp that can do the job. These clamps are durable enough for the toughest conditions, versatile and easy to service.

  • Forklift Clamp | Bulk Box Handler | Fork Attachments

    Bulk Box Handlers

    Bulk Box Handlers are used to handle produce, piece parts and more, where a box attached to a pallet requires support of multi-purpose arms for rotating and dumping. Custom arm lengths, widths, configurations, opening ranges, and various mounting options are available.

  • Multi-Purpose Clamp | Forklift Clamps | Fork Attachments

    Multi-Purpose Clamps

    Multi-Purpose Clamps efficiently and economically handle many types of corrugated, metal and wooden containers as well as baled product. Substantially reduce or eliminate the need for pallets and the associated cost of pallet purchase or rental, maintenance, disposal and storage.

  • Drum Clamp | Fork Clamps | Forklift Attachments

    Single and Double Drum Clamps

    Drum clamps are widely used in the petroleum and chemical industries and in other applications that require the handling of standard 55-gallon drums. Drum clamps can also help improve productivity by handling up to four drums per load. Custom arm radiuses and lengths are available.

  • No Arm Clamp | Fork Clamps | Forklift Attachments

    No-Arm Clamps

    Clamps with no arms are designed for unique applications that require custom fabricated arms. Each clamp includes two bolt-on arm pads used as a base for the specialized arms provided by the customer. Existing arms, forks or bars may also be welded to the pads if required.

  • Bar Arm Clamp | Fork Clamps | Forklift Attachments

    Bar Arm Attachments

    Designed primarily for the textile industry, Bar Arm Attachments are used for handling rolls of cloth material such as towels, linens and denim. Custom bar arm lengths, diameters, tip configurations, frame widths, opening ranges, and mounting options are available.

Specialty Attachments

We offer a number of specialty forklift attachments to meet a variety of specific applications. From fork spreaders and sideshifters to rotators and push/pulls, we've got the attachments you need to keep your operation running efficiently and affordably. Below is just a sampling of what we offer, please fill out the form below to get in touch with a Carolina Handling representative about all the specialty attachments we offer.

  • Fork Spreader | Forklift Attachments | Warehouse Products

    Fork Spreaders

    Fixed fork Spreader frames are designed to stabilize extra wide loads, like roof trusses and long beams, when being transported on a lift truck. Units can be designed with load stabilizers, sideshifting, additional forks, adjustable forks and other special features to suit a variety of applications.

  • Forklift Rotator | Fork Attachments | Warehouse Products


    Rotators give your driver the ability to quickly dump or invert a load, and then immediately return the forks to the pick-up position in one continuous motion. Rotators are widely used in food processing, manufacturing, chemical processing, automotive, recycling operations, and more.

  • Double Sideshifter | Forklift Attachments | Lift Truck Forks

    Double Sideshifters

    With a Double Sideshifter you can use your lift truck to move two pallets of product side-by-side instead of one pallet. The Double Sideshifter gives a forklift operator the ability to pick loads that are separated, bring these loads together, sideshift and spread the them with ease.

  • Forklift Push Pulls | Fork Attachments | Warehouse Products

    Push Pulls

    Push/Pulls allow you to ship, receive and warehouse unit loads on inexpensive slip sheets rather than pallets. Products typically handled with a push/pull include bagged products such as seed, agricultural products and cement; cased food, electronics, cosmetics and bottled beverages.

  • Forklift Load Stabilizer | Fork Attachments | Warehouse Products

    Load Stabilizers

    Designed for transporting unstable loads such as soft drinks, malted beverages, bottled water and empty containers. Load Stabilizers allow faster operating speeds and more efficient handling procedures by securing the palletized load, particularly in facilities with rough or sloping floors.

  • Layer Picker Fork Mount | Forklift Attachments | Warehouse Products

    Layer Pickers

    Replace costly manual labor with fork or carriage mounted Layer Pickers. One forklift operator can fill orders at an average speed of 1250 cases an hour compared to 250 cases an hour manually. Layer Pickers are a cost-effective way to handle single or multiple layers of a variety of products.

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