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Vertical lift module (VLM) systems are automatic storage and retrieval systems that are regularly deployed in distribution centers, warehouses, and other material handling facilities. These setups have a series of vertically stacked storage bins or trays which are serviced with a lift device. The lift mechanism is managed through a computer system that drives the movement of the bins to and from the storage area.

VLM setups are engineered to allow effective and efficient collection and replacement of elements in a material handling location. They can be used to store an array of materials, including totes, pallets, and boxes. The vertical alignment of the storage trays lends itself to a greater storage density in a smaller space, meaning they are an ideal solution for warehouses with limited floor plans.

Vertical Lift Module Benefits

One of the key benefits of vertical lift modules is their high level of automation. The software-controlled lift apparatus can efficiently and accurately retrieve the selected bin or tray, lessening the necessity for workers to engage in handling and improving the speed and efficiency of retrieval and storage operations. VLM systems also maintain an extensive storage capacity, meaning they are suitable for use in larger warehouses and distribution centers.

An additional advantage of VLM solutions is that they optimize the use of space in a material handling facility. The vertical configuration of the storage bins creates a higher density of storage, decreasing the required floor space for storage and freeing up floor space for other purposes. In addition, VLM’s can be configured to accommodate a sizable array of tray proportions and configurations, allowing for customization of the system to the unique needs of the warehouse or distribution center.

VLM solutions also can be integrated with additional material handling machinery, such as lift trucks and conveyors, to further improve the speed of retrieval and storage operations. As an example, VLM systems are able to be deployed in conjunction with conveyor systems to automatically transport goods to and from the vertical storage, reducing the requirement for manual handling.

VLM’s can be engineered to meet the unique requirements of almost any warehouse or distribution center. As an example, they can be customized to allow for different sizes and sorts of materials, plus differing retrieval and replacement requirements. In addition, VLM systems can be equipped with various features to increase safety, such as warning lights and safety barriers.

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In general, VLM systems are an effective and optimized solution for warehouses and distribution centers that need to store and retrieve a large volume of materials in a small space. They offer a high level of automation, a large storage capacity, and the ability to optimize the use of floor area inside a warehouse. With the differing styles and configurations available, VLM systems can be customized to fulfill the individual requirements of any distribution center or warehouse. To learn more about the potential of VLM systems for your operation, call an automation professional at Carolina Handling right away.




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