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Energy efficiency guidelines and "green" solutions adoption are propelling extraordinary demand in the worldwide electric battery market.

Though this growth in interest is inspiring new development and research in energy storage technology, lead acid battery tech is still the de facto technology for the majority of industrial applications, including lift trucks.

While lead acid battery varieties possess less power density than a number of the more advanced varieties of batteries, they manage to maintain a consistent voltage as they discharge, they can function across a wide range of temperature levels, and they may be faithfully charged/emptied over hundreds of cycles.

The surge in global battery purchases has also brought about steep cost growth over the last decade. Higher battery expenses mean that boosting your forklift battery life expectancy can easily have a consequential impact on your profits.

Care and cleaning of batteries have an unquestionable impact on their life expectancy, so a small expenditure for reliable battery handling accessories can generate meaningful cost reductions in the long run.

Carolina Handling offers a complete array of battery handling hardware from first-class manufacturers:

Battery Chargers

We provide both new and previously owned commercial battery chargers for all sorts of applications from single shift, standard use facilities to 24 x 7, heavy use operations. Inquire about our charger and battery lease and rental options.

Battery Carriages & Carts

Forklift battery transfer carts allow operators to safely remove and switch forklift batteries that are designed for side extraction. Carolina Handling provides powered solutions for heavy-use applications and manually powered alternatives for lower volume applications.

Battery Extractors

Lift truck battery extractors are vital devices for any material handling business that needs constant battery extraction and replacement.

Battery Stands

Save space and safeguard your battery stock with charger and battery stands. Carolina Handling offers a full array of options and can customize systems for your unique needs.

Battery Hoists

We supply a selection of battery hoist possibilities according to battery measurements, regularity of use and facility configuration.

Battery Beams

Carolina Handling provides battery lifting beams using non-conductive design and adjustable hook locations. Beams offer an effective and practical way to handle bulky industrial lift truck batteries.

Battery Cranes

Carolina Handling's gantry crane options are perfect for up and down battery removal purposes. We supply an assortment of beam spreads, capacities and heights.

Battery Wash Equipment

Battery cleaning stations lower terminal and cable oxidation, prolong the life span of batteries, cut down on forklift energy issues and aid in compliance with environmental guidelines.

Battery Watering Systems

We offer full battery watering solutions together with components from tanks and deionization appliances to watering valves and guns.

Battery Rooms

Battery areas must be appointed with correct ventilation systems, suitable floor covering, wash facilities, essential safety gear plus all necessary battery handling products. Our experts can help to lay out your facility and source all battery handling equipment for your enterprise.

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