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Power economy requirements and "green" solutions embracement are propelling extraordinary interest in the worldwide electric battery marketplace.

Though this growth in interest is fostering new development and research in battery innovation, lead acid battery tech is still the go-to technology for most industrial uses, including forklifts.

Even though lead acid options possess less energy density than some of the more modern kinds of batteries, they have the capacity to preserve a consistent voltage as they are depleted, they can perform through a large range of temperature levels, and they may be dependably charged/emptied over thousands of cycles.

The expansion in worldwide battery purchases has also precipitated marked cost growth over the last decade. Much higher battery costs mean that boosting your lift truck battery life can easily have a consequential influence on your bottom line.

Service and upkeep of batteries have a clear influence on their life expectancy, so a small investment in high-quality battery handling equipment can deliver substantive cost reductions in the long run.

Carolina Handling offers a full product line of battery handling materials from first-class vendors:

Battery Chargers

We supply both new and pre-owned industrial battery chargers for all varieties of uses from single-shift, light-duty facilities to 24/7, intensive-use enterprises. Inquire about our battery and charger rental and lease options.

Battery Carts & Carriages

Forklift battery transfer carts allow operators to safely remove and substitute lift truck batteries that are configured for side removal. Carolina Handling provides electric powered units for higher frequency operations and manual control options for smaller volume operations.

Battery Extractors

Forklift battery extractors are indispensable hardware for any material handling operation that demands frequent battery swaps.

Battery Stands

Conserve space and safeguard your battery stock with battery and charger stands. Carolina Handling provides a comprehensive assortment of options and can customize systems for your unique demands.

Battery Hoists

Carolina Handling provides a selection of battery hoist choices based on battery sizes, regularity of use and warehouse configuration.

Battery Beams

We provide battery hoisting beams using insulated design and flexible hook positions. Beams offer an efficient and convenient way to manage bulky industrial forklift batteries.

Battery Crane

Carolina Handling's gantry crane products are optimal for upward battery extrication purposes. We supply a range of beam lengths, heights and capacities.

Battery Wash Equipment

Battery cleansing stations reduce terminal and conductor corrosion, prolong the life of batteries, cut down on forklift power problems and aid in compliance with environmental regulations.

Battery Watering Systems

Carolina Handling provides full battery watering solutions as well as components from containers and deionizers to watering guns and valves.

Battery Rooms

Battery rooms must be appointed with appropriate ventilation systems, suitable flooring surfaces, wash stations, essential safety resources plus all essential battery handling tools. Our team can help to design your facility and supply all battery handling resources for your operation.

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