Safety Action Plan

Jun 03, 2020

People matter most to us. That is why Carolina Handling has remained vigilant following COVID-19 developments with the utmost concern and consideration for our Associates and customers.

Once the gravity of our world’s current situation became clear, we immediately put into action our Health Crisis Plan. Below are four actions (of many) that we feel were and continue to be essential to our COVID-19 response.

Clear Communication

Few things can be more stressful than the unknown. This is never truer than during times of stress. Transparency is key. Therefore, we have made an effort to provide our Associates regular and clear updates. These communications include information on new guidelines our company has implemented to maintain safety as well as best practices our Associates can follow to preserve their personal safety. We have also maintained open communications with our customers and are always available to answer any safety concerns they may hold for their own facilities.

Safe Work Practices

Early on, Carolina Handling instituted telework arrangements for Associates whose job duties allow them to work-from home. To reduce face-to-face contacts to those that are business essential, we have used all available methods to virtually support all sales, service, and product support requirements. We are proactively engaging our technicians to follow CDC guidelines on top of our internal COVID-19 procedures when in the workplace and while visiting customers’ facilities. Further, we are requiring any Associate that has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or traveled to a high-risk area to abstain from direct customer and Associate interactions for a period of 14 days.

Sanitary Solutions

We are proactively engaging our technicians to implement cleaning best practices and to follow our customers’ internal COVID-19 procedures when on-site for any service and maintenance needs. Immediately we recognized the necessity of acquiring cleaning supplies and protective equipment such as gloves and masks, but we soon realized these items would not be as easy to acquire as they had been in the past. Our Purchasing department did a tremendous job seeking out alternative suppliers to ensure our Associates in the field and consequently our customers have been protected and as safe as possible.

Staying Current

It seems there are new major developments regarding COVID-19 nearly daily. That is why we regularly convene our Risk Management Committee to stay abreast of any pertinent news, be it local or national, that positions us to be best suited to face this crisis. This committee is comprised of committed individuals who make it a point to be transparent with our Associates to ensure the entire Carolina Handling family is on the same page.

Looking Forward

We are proud of our Associates in the field and our support teams that have done outstanding work using their creativity and expertise to satisfy safety concerns for themselves and our customers. These efforts have allowed our customers to maintain business continuity, an essential facet in supporting our communities in these times.

Looking to improve safety in your facility? Our Safety on the Move training is readily available to help support the heroes that are keeping our nation’s supply chain up and running. Click here to learn more.