iWAREHOUSE Essential Optimization System | Carolina Handling | Raymond

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  • Know exactly what's happening in your warehouse, and remotely control operator parameters.

    iWAREHOUSE Essential is like having a manager watching over every truck, every hour of the day. Ensuring the right operators have access to the right trucks, and that the forklift checklist is completed and stored.

    It records impacts and forklift damage, collects and reports warehouse metrics to optimize operator and vehicle productivity, and ensures that your lift trucks run better.

Control What's Happening 24/7

  • Warehouse Metrics & Reporting from iWAREHOUSE Essential
    Warehouse Metrics
    iWAREHOUSE provides you with the power to monitor truck and operator performance and control each truck’s day-to-day operation. You can remotely adjust operating parameters like speed and acceleration, as well as monitor battery levels.

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