• Big Ass Solutions and Carolina Handling

    We've partnered with Big Ass Solutions to offer powerful and energy efficient products.

    From industrial fans to warehouse lighting, Big Ass Solutions® has an insatiable drive to improve, engineer, design, test, re-engineer, re-design and re-test their products until everything is just right.

    We offer Big Ass Fans and Lights to our customers because we believe so much in both the company and the products they produce. We're really big fans of their really big fans.

Industrial Ceiling Fans

Looking for facility-wide airflow? Whether you need summer cooling, energy-saving winter destrat, or both, industrial ceiling fans from Big Ass Fans are guaranteed to deliver, and then some.


  • Powerfoil X3 Industrial Ceiling Fan | Warehouse Products

    Powerfoil X3.0

    The Powerfoil® X3.0 is Big Ass Fans’ biggest, strongest, most durable industrial fan. It comes with SmartSense, a "brain" that automatically adjusts fan speed based on the temperature and programmed preferences. Backed by a 15-year warranty.

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  • Powerfoil 8 Industrial Ceiling Fan | Warehouse Products

    Powerfoil 8

    Powerfoil® 8 is a heavy-duty ceiling fan designed using industrial-grade components. It is fully factory tested at Big Ass Fans prior to shipping to ensure a perfectly functioning system arrives at your facility. Backed by a 12-year limited warranty.

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  • Basic 6 Industrial Ceiling Fan | Warehouse Products

    Basic 6

    Basic 6® is the plain and simple fan for plain, simple air movement. Cuffed winglet design eliminates wind noise. If you’re on a modest budget and don’t want the bells and whistles that make up the Powerfoil 8 and Powerfoil X3.0, then Basic 6 is for you.

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Column / Wall Fans

Rid your warehouse floor of pedestal fans, cords, and other hazards with column- or wall-mounted Big Ass Fans. With available swivel-arm, oscillating and misting options, you can get the pinpoint comfort you need in any location.

  • Sweet Bee Wall Mountable Fan | Warehouse Products

    Sweet Bee

    Sweat Bee uses heavy-duty industrial components and an efficient motor to give uncomfortable working conditions a swift kick in the ass. Mount it to a wall, put it on a pedestal, or attach an oscillation kit.

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  • Yellow Jacket Column Mountable Fan | Warehouse Products

    Yellow Jacket

    Yellow Jacket is the durable, portable and mountable fan that takes abuse and stays in use. Mount it to a wall or column, or stick it on a pedestal to create a mobile cooling solution for ever-evolving facilities.

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Portable Fans

Sometimes you need a fan that can move with you. When your job takes you on the go, these rolling Big Ass Fans go with you to ensure that your work area is aways cool and comfortable in a Big Ass way.

  • AirGo Industrial Mobile Fan | Warehouse Products


    AirGo® is Big Ass Fans' biggest, most versatile vertical floor fan. Its compact design and durable construction make it an ideal air movement solution in harsh environments. The optional All Terrain package includes oversized tires, a wider base and four-wheel steering for increased mobility.

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  • Black Jack Industrial Mobile Fan | Warehouse Products

    Black Jack

    Black Jack® from Big Ass Fans has been designed to fit through standard interior doors, and indoor/outdoor rubber wheels that can handle any terrain. Perfect for everywhere from narrow aisles and crowded auto shops to outdoor event spaces and fitness centers.

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Industrial Lighting

Every one of the industrial lights produced by Big Ass Solutions is built to the standards of the most demanding industrial facilities. Whether you need bay lighting, task lighting, or fixtures that are washdown-ready, Big Ass Light has an LED fixture for every operation.

  • Bay Lighting for Warehouses | Big Ass Light

    General Purpose Bay Light

    The BAS XLHB2 Series delivers bright, uniform light for manufacturing, distribution, automotive, etc. High performance optics create vivid illumination, while optional infrared motion sensors keep costs at a minimum by turning the light off when the space is not in use.

  • Vaporproof Bay Lighting for Warehouses

    Vaporproof Bay Light

    When the going gets tough, the BAS VHL2 Series keeps on shining. Constructed from a seamless, fully sealed fiberglass piece, this luminaire is engineered to provide premium performance in chaotic conditions. Perfect for food processing or messy facilities that require strong, reliable illumination.

  • Washdown Lights for Food Processing

    Washdown Light

    Big Ass Light Washdown LED is wet-rated to IP-66, so it’s ideal for dirty environments where a hose-down is a routine part of life. It’s bright enough to perk up the darkest spaces, and a wide range of mounting options means you don’t have to worry about your lights being off-kilter.

  • High Powered Warehouse Lighting by Big Ass Light

    High Powered Fixture

    The HPF Series is a versatile fixture that's ideal for automotive service shops, offices, distribution centers, retail locations and more. It offers the benefits of our larger High Bay and Low Bay LEDs, such as heavy-duty construction, a built-in heat sink and programmable occupancy sensors.

  • Vaporproof Strip Light from Big Ass Solutions

    Vaporproof Strip

    Ideal for locations with unpredictable conditions, the BAS VSL4 Series features a seamless housing for protection from external irritants, including dust and moisture. Dependable both indoor and outdoor, the BAS VSL4 Series withstands corrosion, ice formation and directed water.

  • Diffused Strip Lighting for Warehouses

    Diffused Strip

    The BAS SDL Series is surface mounted light fixture, perfect for task lighting in manufacturing and auto applications, or illuminating mezzanines and other spaces. Narrow, rust-resistant, die-formed steel housing protects the light in locations prone to dampness.

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