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    We offer flexible fleet service and fleet management programs for every type and size of operation.
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    Meet Tom

    Part of being a total solutions provider is having programs that fit the needs of our customers. We know that your equipment is a vital part of your business and without it the job doesn’t get done.

    Watch this video to learn how we helped Tom improve productivity in his operation with our Fleet Service and Fleet Management programs. Then fill out the contact form when you're ready to speak with a Carolina Handling Associate about which of our programs will best fit your business and your budget.

Standard Forklift Service | Maintenance Programs

Scheduled Fleet Service

Scheduled Fleet Service is our most basic maintenance program and includes the following services – scheduled maintenance and a 6,000 Hour Extended Warranty. You also have the option of adding iWarehouse (telematics) and fleet reporting.

Forklift Parts & Service | Carolina Handling | Raymond

Standard Fleet Service

The Standard Fleet Service program comes with the following services included – scheduled maintenance, all oil and filters, complete OEM periodicals, 6,000 Hour Extended Warranty with Service Center support and the option to include basic fleet reporting and advanced fleet reporting.

Comprehensive Forklift Service Program | Carolina Handling

Comprehensive Fleet Service

Our Comprehensive Fleet Service program is built to help managers deal with variances in business and unforeseen circumstances. This program includes scheduled maintenance, all oil and filters, complete OEM periodicals, a 6,000 Hour Extended Warranty with Service Center support, and basic fleet reporting. You also have the option to include iWarehouse (telematics) and advanced fleet reporting.

Fleet Management | Forklift Service Programs

MHE by the Month

Owning and maintaining equipment can be complicated, especially with all the variables in your business, year after year. So relax. We’re here to make things as smooth as possible for you. That’s why our revolutionary “Trucks as a Service” program provides you with the newest equipment and takes care of every little detail, even depreciation and repairs.

MHE by the Month is designed to provide partial or complete fleet replacement as a budgeted monthly expense with the flexibility to exchange specifications throughout the life of the program.

Fleet Service | Forklift Maintenance | Chart

Fleet Service Comparison

Compare our Scheduled, Standard, and Comprehensive Fleet Service programs with this features chart. Contact a Carolina Handling Associate for more details about any of our Fleet Service or Fleet Management programs.

Fleet Management | Forklift Service | Chart

Fleet Management Features

View all the features and benefits of our Fleet Management program, MHE by the Month. Contact a Carolina Handling Associate for more details about MHE by the Month or our Fleet Service programs.

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Learn more about which fleet service or fleet management program is right for your operation.

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